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I do like it very much,I will set you another design.

From:Elma Date:Feb 19, 2014

" Thanks for the perfect work.

I do like it very much. I will send you right now another design you can make for me.

Greetings from Germany. "



" You are super!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!

It's fantastic. The logo is really sharp, and I'm very impressed. I'll contact you if we have any jobs for you.  "   



" Could you please thank the Team at Embfan for their prompt service, the design has come out fantastic. " 



" To be honest, I chose your service at random because the Digitizer we were using was too slow in getting our designs back to us. So, we decided to try others and see what we could find out there. We picked your company first as an experiment and was quite happy with the results. Sometimes we waited 5 to 6 weeks to get a return on a design before and I do not have that kind of time. I have been very happy with your work. Your pricing is within reason, the quality of the designs are great and the turn around time is wonderful. Thanks. " Sue 


"Great job with the logo, i will show it to my customer to make sure its O.K, i'am sure it will be. Thanks again"  



"Hi there David
Not sure on thread colour, this one not so important as it is for my brothers Christmas present he loves this NBA team!!
I use to do all the digitising but I have too much other work to do as well like run the company!!!
I was one of the first “Digitisers” in Perth; I use the latest version of Wilcom ES & have been digitising for about 12 years, but have no more time to do this, I have used a few other companies to do my work but there quality is no good for me for other people ok, but not me as you understand.
You guys have been the best so far!! I use your logos straight away but with other companies must sample then fix then sample again, too much head ache!!!
I have two machines a Barudan 12 head & SWF 12 head both are brand new. I use to be the production manager of the largest embroidery company in Western Australia I worked there for 8 years, now I have started my own business, which has been running for just over 18 months, very stressful but worth it!!
Thanks again"



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