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NAME:Sublimated Polo Shirts #1104

DESCRIPTION:Manufactory online is specialized in sublimated jersey and sublimated shirts. Sublimated clothing, there is no limited on quantity and printing colors.


Thank you visit our sublimated polo shirts jersey. To find a company to handle your custom polo shirts no minimum requirement.Full Dye sublimated sportswear is a complex job to produce.

You need to choose a company who can take care of your orders:

All Production Under Control 

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1. Make custom sublimated polo shirts jersey more easier? 

Use our design: Choose and download our Pattern. Fill in your logos in it.

Use your own design :Choose our pattern is the last one in white. Make your own design.

LOGO Placement


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2.Choose fabrics for your team custom Sublimated Polo Shirts 

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3.Choose size chart (Keeping you Sublimated Polo Shirts wear relaxed )
Here is the sublimated polo shirts size chart (Our Size chart based on JB’s Size)

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4.Want more special?

Here is some choice to build your own brand custom sublimated polo shirts.

Special Logo Requirement

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Design Your Packing

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