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Good Partner to Promote Your Custom Made Clothing Business!

From:Jodie Date:Sep 11, 2012


     A good partner is like a good friend. Embfan tries its’ best to promote your custom made clothing business!

      Good products and service in a reasonable price is our goal. Embfan provides good service and products like local company in your country. But we offer competitive price like Chinese company.

      Is that possible? There is nothing impossible in Embfan.Why?

      Firstly, We have a Australian hotline: +61-0280060908, you can contact us like Australian local company.

      Secondly, Our digitizing and vectoring service are mostly completed within 24 hrs. It will support your embroidery and screen printing business.

      Thirdly, efficient payment available. We have a commonwealth bank account for Australian customers. So it saves money for better service.

      Fourthly, invoice system available. We have effective invoice system. You can check your invoice and the balance at anytime. The system makes convenient for you to manage account. If there is a order placed in this month you will see how efficiently it works.

      Fifthly, hundreds of Australian clients enjoy our products and service .

     Join us today! We will help you to promote your custom made clothing business.

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